Job Evaluation Manager

JEM is a user-friendly system that stores job evaluation data and automates the administrative work associated with it.

Versions are available for use with either the Greater London Whitley Council Scheme (GLWC) or the Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) Single Status Scheme.

There is also a version that can deal with both Schemes in a single database, enabling easy comparisons between evaluations from both Schemes; and JEM is also readily adaptable to other job evaluation schemes.


JEM was designed by evaluators after a thorough analysis of the activities involved in job evaluation in order to provide a high efficiency alternative to manual and other computer-based methods. It provides a streamlined way to process job evaluation requests and produce outputs with a minimum of paperwork. It enables rapid extraction of information and increases accuracy and control of data. Ready access to such information helps control grade drift across the organisation.

JEM maintains the integrity of the analytical process. A professional job evaluator can concentrate on determining the worth of the job, without having to devote time to carrying out the administrative processes. This can be a significant aide to provision of a cost-effective job evaluation solution.

JEM has been selected by London Councils as the approved system for use with both GLWC and GLPC job evaluation schemes.

The system provides flexible sort and find facilities that do not need to be pre-defined. It facilitates easy provision of complex reports, which can readily be transferred into Excel or data-modelling programs for further analysis, if required.

JEM is tried and tested, and has been in use since 1992 in a number of local authorities, some of which are shown below. It has received considerable press coverage and was the subject of a feature article in Public Finance and Accountancy, as well as being shortlisted and commended in the 1994 SOCPO "Award for Innovation in Local Government Personnel Practice". It is regularly updated to reflect new ideas and practices.


JEM full version: £2,250 (includes up to 2 days customisation to your requirements)

Annual support: £975 (includes updates and comprehensive telephone support)

Additional customisation or data input (if required): £50 p/hour or £350 p/day

(all prices exclude VAT)